I have not done anything aside from window shopping just yet.

The Bride

While I am extremely open to trying on different styles, and hope to find a shop with consultants who will help me and give their own input, the following dresses contain elements I'm consistently attracted to:  asymmetrically rouched bodice, full A-line skirt, corset closure, embroidery, and/or beading and crystals.

I currently plan on a single-tier, elbow-length veil which I may make myself.  I may trim it in ribbon, I don't want a blusher, and I do plan on an up-do with the veil tucked in!  I plan on wearing quality jewelry that I can continue wearing after the wedding, so I've been looking now, though I don't plan on buying until after I have my dress.

The Men

He has insisted on tuxes.  I would like ties & vests to match the bridesmaids, with black ties & vests for the ring bearers/young boys.

The Ladies

I've had a vision for the bridesmaids for quite a while now:  The Maid of Honor in a very, very dark purple, followed by bridesmaids in progressively lighter shades, with the flower girls in white.  It should look something kind of like this:

This image is simply an illustration, they will not necessarily be these shades (I'm not terribly fond of the BM3 shade anyway!).  I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing this - do I get dyeable dresses?  Do I find somewhere that offers all of these colors and choose a dress there?  Do I order color swatches and let my bridal party pick out their own dresses that match their color swatch?  I'm still trying to figure this out.  In the event I can't figure out how to do this easily, I will use a nearly black shade for the MOH and put the rest of the bridesmaids in a slightly lighter one (e.g. BM1).

I will let the ladies wear whatever shoes and accessories they would like.   Because of this color scheme, I am also letting them decide which shade of purple they would prefer to wear and therefore they get to choose their spot in line and I don't have to be the mean one who sticks someone where she doesn't want to be!