Ceremony and Reception:  Searles Castle at Windham

I always thought it would be cool to get married at a castle, but I never mentioned it to Hunter because I figured we would never find an affordable castle in New England to get married in!  Then fatefully, one day Hunter's coworker mentioned that he and his wife had gotten married at Searles Castle, and Hunter himself was hooked on the idea.  Castle weddings are, apparently, "badass" and really, who am I to disagree?  Luckily for us, Searles Castle fits within the budget we had already planned upon.

We visited the castle and spoke with the coordinators on August 8th.  They were very friendly and laid-back, but still quite professional.  They were happy to answer all of our questions, offer suggestions, and definitely seem very willing to work with any requests we may have.  Both Hunter and I were incredibly impressed with our experience visiting there, and we are excited to work with them in the future.

For more information on the castle and its staff, check out my Searles Castle information page.


Flowers:  Lyndsey Loring Design

Lyndsey came highly recommended by the girls on my local Knot board.  Her prices are amazing, and she was completely understanding of my desire to save money.  Not only was she entirely supportive of my desire to use my altar arrangements as centerpieces, she also worked within my desired budget and the first estimate she gave me, including delivery fee, came in under what I had hoped!  So far she has been amazing to work with, really helped me figure out what flowers I like when I had no clue what I was looking at, and her prices have been some of the most reasonable I've seen.  We booked her only a couple of days after our initial meeting, and I am now VERY excited for my flowers!

Music:  Josh "J Boogz" Field (E.C.F. Entertainment)

I actually worked with Josh in my dad's lab for a summer.  He's an amazing guy whose real passion is for music - that was pretty darn apparent, even working together in a chem lab!  I knew I just had to have him for my DJ to help us have that personal touch to our reception, and so far he's been awesome to work with.  His prices are extremely reasonable, and his style is precisely what we were looking for.

Photography:  Catharine Morris Photography

I love, love, LOVE Caty's work, and I am super excited to be working with her.  She's definitely on the pricier side of our vendors, but I feel she is 100% worth it - we really clicked when we met her, and she has a ton of experience photographing at Searles Castle.  She actually got really excited when I told her where we were getting married, because it's one of her favorite places to photograph weddings - definitely a plus!  I really look forward to working with her for not only our wedding pictures, but our engagement shoot as well!

Wedding Cake:  Jacques Fine European Pastries

While we have not contracted - or even spoken to - anyone at Jacques thus far, we have chosen them for several reasons.  First, my mother ordered a cake from them for my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary this past spring, and not only did she have a fantastic experience with them, but we were very impressed with the quality and taste of the cake.  Second, our chosen reception venue has contracted with Jacques to offer a discount to their clients.  Third, both Hunter and I were quite taken with both the presentation of my grandparents' anniversary cake, as well as the pictures they display on their website.