We're getting married! 06/15/2012

(This site last updated 03/12/2012)

Welcome!  This site is dedicated to the trials and tribulations of my experiences as a bride-to-be.  Here you'll find links to the resources I use, pictures of my inspirations, descriptions of my plans, and suggestions for making things easier.  I decided to put together this site once I realized how much I was relying on other Knottie wedding websites for DIY inspirations, vendor reviews, and general planning tips.

Disclaimer: I am not actually "Dr. Peanut Butter" as may be inferred by the web address.  This name was created out of several elements: The fact that I am working towards my Ph.D., my last initial, and FI's last initial, particularly as I am planning to take on both last names for professional reasons (without a hyphen) after we get married!