About Abbe

I grew up in central Maine, was home schooled, and raised goats - and loved every minute of it!  My family worked very hard to raise a top herd of LaMancha dairy goats, and once I was old enough and had saved up my money, I started my own herd of Nubians.  Through this avenue I made several very close friends, including my soon-to-be MOH!

When I was 17, my father lost his job when the company he worked for closed down, and he received a new position at a new company in Massachusetts.  Not wanting to actually live in MA, my parents instead opted to  get a place in New Hampshire.  I, however, hated the idea of moving out of Maine, and once I received my GED in November of 2005(home schooled, remember?), I started classes at a local community college and I transferred to a four-year college in Maine. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor's degree in Psychology in December of 2009, and I will begin work on my Masters degree in child development this fall, with hopes of earning my Ph.D. in developmental psychology after.

About Hunter

Hunter grew up in the wild, frigid potato fields of northern Maine where they had "cold days" - days where the temperature dropped so low, school had to be canceled because kids would get frostbite waiting for the bus - and "harvest," where school let out for two weeks so all the kids could go home and help dig up potatoes.

Somehow in the midst of this wild, barren, frigid wilderness (and potato fields) Hunter developed a strong desire to work with computers.  He received early acceptance to college to major in Computer Science, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.  After college, Hunter was hired as an "IT Guy" at a local growing New Hampshire company.  Recently, he was promoted from his position at the help desk (i.e. "IT guy who fixes computers") to become an applications developer (i.e. "IT guy who writes computer programs") and now spends his days doing things I don't even vaguely pretend to understand.  Hunter is also currently taking classes part time to receive his Ph.D. in computer science.

About Us

Hunter and I first met on my very first day at college.  I had just moved into residence, and Hunter so happened to be a resident assistant.  He valiantly made the rounds in the entire building that day to knock on 400 some-odd doors and introduce himself, so while I met him, he doesn't have the vaguest recollection of meeting me!

The next year, I was hired as a resident assistant myself, though I worked in a different hall than Hunter did.  Apparently it was during our training week that he began to notice me, though I was in a relationship at the time.  We still never spoke, however - it wasn't until after Hunter had graduated that spring, and I had returned to school in the fall, that we even became friends!  It was my second year as an RA, and I was working on the same staff with my now-friend Ashley.  Interestingly, Ashley and I had taken a class together my first year at school, we'd even sat right next to each other nearly the entire semester, but were both too shy to say anything.  Ashley and Hunter were very good friends, however, and when Hunter came up to visit her for a few days, Ashley conspired to get us together, which entailed making us sit next to each other at an improv comedy show.  Of course, I was too engrossed in the show to pay any attention (though I did think it was strange Ashley was sitting on the other side of Hunter) and I developed a fever during the show, so after it was over I bade them farewell and went to bed (or something like that...)

It wasn't until the next night, after Ashley and Hunter had been out drinking with friends that Ashley convinced Hunter to confess his attraction to me - while my fever had spiked to 101 degrees.  At any rate, after a couple of weeks I decided to go ahead and give him a chance...and we ended up chatting online nearly all day, every day.  At Halloween he came to visit me, and our first date was to the school theater's annual haunted house.  Two weeks later, he returned and took me on a "real" date, and the next day we made our relationship "official."

Six months later, I walked at graduation, and moved in with Hunter in his apartment in New Hampshire; not long after that, we rented a house together and have lived there since.