According to my ticket at The Knot, I have exactly one year, nine months, and four weeks until my wedding, which is only tentatively scheduled for June 15, 2012.

While it may seem a bit premature to be starting a planning bio at this point, I do have a good reason.  I am currently unemployed, and have been for over three months now.  I did not get into graduate school this year, so I have to try again - a daunting task that feels nearly impossible.  I have gained 30 lbs since I sprained my ankle nearly two years ago, and since I have long-lasting nerve damage, losing weight isn't a possibility until I get used to my new orthotic insoles and get further in my strengthening at physical therapy.  Every time I make plans with friends, they get "rescheduled" - which then also gets canceled.

In essence, staying positive is a very, very difficult task lately, and wedding planning breaks up the monotony of "nothing goes right anymore."  Fortunately, FI is the most supportive and incredible guy I have ever met in my life, and is more than willing to help me fulfill my desires to start planning now.

At any rate, I AM currently working on cards to ask my closest friends to be part of my bridal party, and I will post pictures of those soon.

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